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Data is the new oil. As the digital world is expanding, the potential for marketing in the digital platform is immense. However, the competition is immense. To stay on top of the digital marketing industry and gain an edge over your competitors, a marketer needs to know who to target, how to target and what to sell and what time to sell. Customers do not look for products. They look for solutions. Hence, lead generation is the key to marketing success.

We are top rated lead generation company providing high quality, accurate and relevant data to businesses, irrespective of which industry they want to target. Our lead generation team thoroughly examine all the leads. It is then segregated based on the industry niche they are related to. We will make sure that the leads convert and help you increase your business. We make the whole process hassle free for our clients.

We provide fully comprehensive lead generation service, back office service and inside sales. We also include complimentary support system and inbound call centre solution. Our goal is to simplify the operations of our client’s businesses by providing innovative lead generation practices and strategies, tailored to meet our client’s very specific requirements. We cater to regional, national and international lead generation services.

Tell us your requirement and we will provide a database of leads relevant to your industry. We use OTP or mail verification to filter the spam and provide you with as authentic leads as possible. We work on our commitment to provide the best lead generating service and deliver measurable business solutions designed to exceed our clients stated goals. We have become the most trusted portal for buying leads from and help businesses grow their business and sales exponentially.

About Lead Market

As lead providers we have good database of quality leads. We do the leg work and filter the leads properly before selling them to our customers. We utilize our thorough understanding of the market to filter the data by utilizing various parameters to ensure leads people get are relevant to their needs and will serve their purpose.

As a key provider of leads in Bangalore, India with positive feedback about our services, we have necessary industry experience to work as consultants and help businesses achieve their goals. Performing the role of consultant, we can guide you on the type of audience that you must focus on.


Why Choose Us?

The market today is very dynamic and highly competitive. The process of buying has changed and marketers need to find new ways to reach customers. Instead of bombarding customers with mass advertising, Lead Market focuses on finding the right customers to build continuous relationships with buyers.

To generate quality leads is not easy. It requires a lot of research, segregation and accurate source. Many ordinary lead generation companies will give you average and cluttered leads. We stand out from the rest because we are a force of dedicated experts to provide the right lead to our clients. WE USE THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE RIGHT JOB!

As lead providers, we have a good database of quality leads from different industry. We do the leg work and filter all the leads properly before they are sold to our valued customers.
When doing the calculations, we will have to analyse how much you will have to spend for purchasing leads and what will be the expenditure the leads in-house.
Market research and reviews show that rate of conversion for in-house cold calls is usually very low compared to what can be achieved when you buy qualified leads provided by us.

Our Services

Consumer Leads
Access unlimited consumer leads by using our easy to use & focused lead management platform, offering quality leads.
B2B Sales Leads
Select from hundreds of business to business or B2B leads which have gone through our stringent quality checking process.
Social Media Leads
These leads are retrieved carefully to make sure all the leads are genuine & proper contact details make these leads quite valuable.
Lead qualification
Our team of experts will do all of the calling and back-end CRM work to generate best lead qualifies
Lead generation and acquisition
We not only generate high quality contact list but also acquire high target prospect criteria for effective lead generation.
Demand generation
Our lead generation targets provide the right ammunition for direct marketing giving your sales team the on-ramp to revenue.