About Us

Our Story

Lead market started in 2013 with a vision that high value lead generation services could be delivered to clients to boost their business and achieve their best business potential. We are located in the outsourcing capital of the world – Bangalore, India. Our team of lead generation experts provide lead generation services, international call center services and other outsourcing campaigns to regional, national and international marketing services. Our company operates in the principles of delivering high quality leads to convert them into business for clients while ensuring that each and every one of our customers profit from our services.

Lead Market specializes in providing a comprehensive lead generation services inside sales, back office services, inbound call center solution and complementary support according to a unique cost efficient operational model. We cater to client’s needs by providing we provide innovative lead generation practices and strategies, tailored to meet client’s specific requirements.


Why Us?

  • Provide thoroughly vetted leads
    Through a rigorous segregation process, we thoroughly verify all the leads for authenticity. We also check if the caller is actually looking for specific leads before the leads are uploaded on the site so that the business get only verified leads which will lead to conversion.
  • Proper examination of leads
    All the leads are examined and analyzed by following strict guidelines by our lead generating experts. Then it is processed to the quality assurance team which goes through the recorded calls to make sure the user is actually looking for specific leads.
  • Detailed quality testing
    Our entire lead generation process is fully recorded and quality tested to ensure there are no lead market complaints by customers. After all the conditions are satisfied, the lead gets validated and added on the website.

Why choose us?

Lead Market works with the aim of simplifying the lives of clients and their customers. As a leading lead generating company, we provide high quality leads catering to different types of businesses. We implement innovative lead generating practices and strategies. Each of the data generating process is tailored to meet our clients’ very specific requirements. We provide seamless representation of your company, products, and services, with the aim of acquiring quality leads for your sales team.