E Commerce stores require a steady flow of visitors who will take an interest in your product or service and turn into customers. However, the E Commerce industry is a tough game and generating the sales you need involves more than just a few ad campaigns. Not all visitors come to your E Commerce site to buy your product and the ones who do may not purchase right away. That’s where a lead generation strategy becomes essential.

Lead Market is a prominent lead generating company catering to various industries. If you have the business, we have needed expertise to generate leads to scale your business. With our E Commerce lead generation strategy, you can attract qualified traffic to your E Commerce site and move them through the sales funnel until they are ready to make a purchase. We understand each E Commerce site is unique and has its own set of requirements. We offer high quality E Commerce business leads services based on the client’s requirements.


Other than generating leads, we also help track clients on the progression of their leads. We use of various follow-up tools that help our clients to extract sales from the leads. This includes contacting the potential customers over the phone, sending them emails and follow up emails and newsletters, etc. Our motto is to deliver high quality E Commerce with no room for compromise on customer service and customer care.

Our core E Commerce lead generating services include:
  • Online lead generation Campaign
    Our online lead generation campaign is designed to generate maximum traffic on your Website/Apps through various online tools such as SEO, SMS, PPC, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and others.
  • Offline lead generation Campaign
    Our offline lead generation campaign includes Bulk SMS marketing, Print Ads, Event hosting, Inbound phone calls, outbound sales reach out, etc. Generating offline leads is a crucial element in our operations.
  • Reports and Analytics
    We also provide reports and analytics of E Commerce lead generation and its call to action rates. With our live status programme, our analytics provide metrics about the performance of the leads.
One-stop E Commerce lead generation solution

Lead Market is an integrated lead generating company based in Bangalore. Our lead generation optimisation are suited to get the most appropriate E Commerce leads required by clients who come from different backgrounds and across different business domains both nationally and internationally. Our team comprises of certified lead generating professionals working to provide high quality verified E Commerce leads designed to advance E Commerce traffic. Before we deliver the final E Commerce leads to clients, we double check for its verification through OTP or mail verification to filter out spam. By calculating the leads that we generate, we ensure that our clients get absolutely refined leads with a higher probability of conversion. We also serve custom applications based on the needs of our customers from different industries with its broad approach. We pride in being a one-stop E Commerce lead generating solution adding value to client’s E Commerce businesses.